Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

成功从这里开始PK3至8th 年级

中学 Electives

Electives are an essential element of the middle school experience at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of interesting electives that are both 挑战和乐趣!

Created to inspire 和 encourage these bright young minds, electives are also wonderful springboards for exploring new interests 和 应用ing learning in unique ways.

中学 students in each grade level have the opportunity to take up to two electives offered in a school year; as well as the opportunity to repeat some of their favorites. The curriculum is built to grow 和 exp和 with the students who are passionate to be challenged if they want to take a class twice.

Electives offered include:


Gissele Tovar/Vanessa Balaguer-Chavez

Students will be taught the skills 和 knowledge on how to deal with the many challenges of producing news stories at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. Students will research, 收集, 和 analyze information that will be used to create audio 和 video productions for broadcast to a variety of audiences. 在整个课程中, students will learn basic journalistic skills, video production skills, 和 technological skills.



Students will experiment confidently, 和 have fun with coding. They will underst和 the common, foundation-level concepts that 应用 in most programming languages before they go on to learn a dedicated programming language, 比如Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, 等. Students will be introduced to a whole new world of digital creativity!



Art course intended for students who are interested in the creative process. Students will learn about the art 和 craft of various cultures while creating works of art. Students will get to experience working with a variety of different mediums such as knitting, 纱, 等. while learning multiple techniques.


Catalina De Atienza/Suzy Sardina

跳舞 is an elective for those students who make it onto the Jaguarettes OLOL 跳舞 Team. This elective provides students with an opportunity to explore different techniques, 编排, 和运动. The elective might cover topics on cultural 和 religious influences 和 artistic expression through movement. It is a great elective for students to express themselves creatively 和 improve their physical coordination.


Betty Barbeite/ Michelle Bl和on

在这门选修课中, we will work on developing memory skills, 计划的能力, 测试思想, 和解决问题. We will reinforce connections between brain cells, 和 improve mental speed 和 short-term memory. So get ready to be PUZZLED!

思想、身体 & 灵魂


This course is designed to help students underst和 why exercise 和 fitness are important in developing a healthy 和 active lifestyle. The course emphasizes successful strategies formaintaining good cardiovascular endurance, 灵活性, 肌肉力量, muscular endurance 和 body composition.



Students will converse in Spanish about different aspects of foreign countries. It will incorporate phrases 和 casual greetings in an informal manner, allowing students to build confidence when speaking in Spanish without hesitation. They will discuss differences in cultures, 传统, 和 celebrations 和 participate in various activities including cooking 和 dancing. They will also be debating current issues.



This course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management 和 its application to sports events. Project management is a strategic 和 systematic approach to managing sports as projects.

Angela Santalo/Suzy Sardina

流 is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in six specific disciplines — science, 技术, 宗教, 工程, 艺术, 和 mathematics — in an interdisciplinary 和 applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate 和 discrete subjects, 流 integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. Students in this course will be using h和s-on experiments to discover these disciplines.



Students will study a wide range of two-dimensional 和 three dimensional art, 包括图纸, 绘画, 和雕塑. It is designed to exp和 the traditional knowledge of Fine Art 和 Design, providing students with the knowledge 和 skills necessary to use different mediums to create original artwork.


Tammy Acosta/Angela Houston

在本课程中, 学生将编译, 组织, 和 complete the OLOL yearbook under the careful observation of the yearbook advisor. Students will take pictures, 创建布局, 写文本, 卖广告, create the 2023-2024 yearbook, 和 plan the yearbook signing party at the end of the school year, 等. Students may be asked to attend after-school sports 和/or activities to photograph these events.